AIC Hockey Program Update from Head Coach Eric Lang

Photo Credit:Kelsey Lee-Violet Turtle Photography

When you try to build a team, nothing quite bonds them like a unique experience at the outset of a busy year. For Head Coach Eric Lang’s AIC group, that means scheduling a trip to play Alaska Fairbanks on the road to open your regular season. AIC will see UMASS schools, Amherst and Lowell in some games that could be pairwise difference makers. Lang had some good thoughts on the non conference schedule this year.

“We wanted to play our traditional tough non conference schedule. We will have a lot of new faces so a long trip out to Alaska will be terrific for us.”

On trying to replace Cory Schneider on his bench, Lang said of finding a new assistant coach “ We want to make sure we hire a great human that will put our student athletes on the forefront. Replacing Cory will not be an easy task. We have some interviews to still conduct.”

AIC has had some transfers commit to their program already. While Coaches cannot comment on transfers until an enrollment deposit is received and a student is formally part of the school, Lang did say of what the program is looking for funding in the portal moving forward “ Great people, winning programs and ( that they are )selfless. That’s the recipe in the portal.”

Moving forward, Lang does have a favorite thing for himself to do. He expects to between between 75-100 rounds of golf to be played this summer. His two favorite courses to play at are at Pine Valley and Winged Foot. AIC will have a new roster next season with at least 13 new players. Lang’s strategy of finding types players who have helped him build the dynasty of AIC, and scheduling an early season road trip for bonding are two great things to start off the off-season.

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