Brendan Riley elevated to Assistant Coach at AIC: Hear from Head Coach Eric Lang

Photo Credit : Kelsey Lee-Violet Turtle Photography

The day after Brendan Riley’s dad, Brian , celebrated his most recent birthday, Brendan got some good news. The son of the Army West Point Coach got a promotion to Assistant Coach at AIC working for Eric Lang. Lang got better at being a coach learning under Brian Riley. Now Brendan will get to improve his knowledge under Lang’s tutelage in Springfield.

Riley stands out a lot to Lang for how he thinks hockey.

As Lang said “Brendan doesn’t speak to be heard, when he talks about hockey it’s thoughtful and methodical. Sometime the game happens fast for us coaches. I’m really impressed at his poise when evaluating what’s happening in the context of the game.”

Riley comes from a strong background , both growing up with his dad as one of his first mentors, and coming to work for Lang. Eric Lang is a man of integrity and respects Brandan a lot.

Lang added, on the fit and background of where Brandan comes from “ Brendan is loyal, ethical, and has an incredible moral compass. Quite honestly it’s such an easy fit for us… Success breeds success. Brendan has grown up in an environment that’s conducive to being selfless and putting others before yourself. The tutorial in life I had working for Brian way beyond hockey, I hope to pass along some things to Brendan.”

On preparation for the season Lang also noted how much time Riley has spent on the large recruiting class that AIC has coming in. He said “ Brendan will hit the ground running with the recruiting. He’s an incredible people person so their will be some natural fit. He has watched film on all of our incoming players and understands what’s important to our success.”

Finally Lang ended with saying “Brendan is a rising star in this industry. We are incredibly fortunate to add him to our hockey family.”

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