AHA:Comeback player of the year prediction

Photo Credit: Kelsey Lee- Violet Turtle Photography

For Alex Tertyshny, he is in a spot as a sophomore he has not been in at AIC. Now he is coming into the season with a summer of training under his belt and to compete for a top six role on Eric Lang’s team. Alex suffered a lower body injury last fall that limited his rookie season to one game against Army West Point. The defender has worked hard to get back to where he was and be better this season.

These quotes from his NAHL coach, Bryan Erikson are to us emblematic of who Alex is, and to us why if this league had a preseason comeback player of the year award for this season it would go to him.

“Alexander is one of the best kids I have ever coached. Just a happy kid that makes those around him excited to play. He is obviously a very talented player but it’s his energy and positivity that is so valuable and why he is such a great leader. On the ice his skating and vision are elite. He sees the ice so well and puts his teammates in a good position at all time’s. He has a great stick and gaps and it allows him to transition up the ice so quickly. Really proud of the kid he is and the player he is turning into.”

On his off ice traits Erikson said

” [Alexander is] just an amazing kid that I will forever have in my life. He is just a wonderful person that I care so much about. His life hasn’t been the easiest and he’s still the happiest kid in the room. And it isn’t an act. He lets me scream at him at time’s always knowing I have his back. It’s the best thing a coach can have, the trust of a player to coach them and know you are looking out for them as a player and a person.”

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