Ryan Cruthers: Postive about the Outdoor Game and the Rush- Read more

Photo Credit: Charlotte Rush

Ryan Cruthers, along with helping the Sioux Falls Stampede as an Assistant Coach, still plays a role in owning the Charlotte Rush. As part of that, he was involved with setting up the first outdoor game in the Carolinas, and had some thoughts on how the weekend went. There were some logistical delays that postponed the premier game to around December seventh but beyond that everything else went well with the weekend, including an Elite win.

Cruthers talked about the game summing it up in terms of his junior hockey legacy, “For me it’s the greatest thing I’ve done since owning a junior hockey team. To be the first outdoor hockey game in the Carolinas this year. Some of these guys won’t ever play in a game like this again.”

In addition Cruthers noted that the Carolina Premier Hockey teams played there as well. He finished this part with saying that for the outdoor experience , “ next year will be bigger and better. This is by far the best thing we’ve done for our players at the junior level.”

On the team itself, Cruthers is hopeful that the premier level team can get better as the year goes on. “It’s great to be able to go into a break coming off some massive wins.” He added of star Swiss playmaker Livio Azevedo, “Livio Azevedo will play Division One College Hockey and he definitely has a bright future in this game. He trusted the process.”

Cruthers also praised the young elite team for knowing the standard and growing in the year. “We’re really excited about the elite team.”

Cruthers sets the standard where he goes. In how he advocates for the USPHL, the teams he owns, his players and hockey family, it’s clear that he is excited for what the Rush have to come this year. He was also excited at the work done by the Columbia Infantry in their first year to grow. Cruthers wants the best for his players from Carolina Premier Hockey, to those he coaches on the Stampede. His group putting this game on, like everything else he is a part of, is about setting a standard of excellence and building on it day-by-day.

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