Charlotte Rush: Week in review- Another of development

Photo Credit: Charlotte Rush

For the Charlotte Rush, they have rivals in every game they play. Everyone in that organization has set a standard of success they try to live up to every single day. That standard and success of ownership has helped in part for the USPHL expand to Columbia South Carolina, with the Infantry, all run by the same ownership group.

As such, Infantry weekend for the Rush takes on extra meaning. Jacob Smulevitch, their head coach, has experience with the Rush and has a stupendous relationship with Troy Schwab and the organization. With all of that Schwab talked about the week that was from the Rush. He talked about how the team responded to the Dan K Show Rankings, the week that was, and more.

He talked about the growth of the Infantry first.

“Columbia is coming along. Being an expansion team, having no returning players, and trying to get the culture established will take Jacob some time. The scores this weekend I don’t think are an indication of the team they are or the team they will be by the end of the season.

On the response after the power rankings

I think Dan and Lucas are really good guys and what they do with the Dan K show is so good for our league and junior hockey as a whole. I think the players look at the Rankings and the Coaches also look at the rankings. If it’s gives the players a little extra motivation and helps us play like we did this past weekend, they can rank us anywhere they want.

On the mood of the team and support throughout the series:

From start to finish on the weekend both teams had a ton of energy. This is the first weekend I felt our two teams played and acted as one family. Supporting and cheering each other on through both games.

Schwab talked about a standout who showed up big with this weekend.

Jack LaMothe at the Elite level has been excellent over the last 2 weekends. He has realized he’s physically faster and stronger than everyone and is learning to skate around guys as opposed to going through them. 5 goals on Saturday was well earned for him!”

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