Army Hockey: A team of warriors supports Eric Huss- Read more

Photo Credit: Army West Point Athletics Communications

In the Army Hockey, this year , is not going the way they wanted to so far. The young group has shown promise at times and is learning how to win and building an identity against teams that have a benefit of something they don’t, the transfer portal. They do have a unique identity forged on helping their brothers get ready to serve America.

Army Hockey is a proving ground for future leaders of America. It is also a place to lift up your brothers in their time of need. They all did just that for forward Eric Huss. He took a skate up high, lost a lot of blood and had emergency surgery, and made a recovery to get back to West Point the next day.

Hear from Associate Head Coach Zach McKelvie spoke on the incident and on Huss.

“It was hard to pick up live because it happened so fast but there was a collision and a skate hit him up high in a dangerous area. Eric is doing well now and the medical staff will give an update soon. Thank God, we are all grateful for the unbelievable response from our athletic trainer Rachel Leahy, she did a phenomenal job.Eric is a warrior, he has always represented our team and our school well. We take a tremendous amount of pride in the fact that our team is all American born players, no transfers, no 5th year guys, and guys that are willing to serve their country. This is what Eric and all our guys are about.He was an easy guy to recruit, very likable and easy to talk to so made the recruitment process fun.

We are happy that Husser is doing well and will make a full recovery, there is nothing more important then our players safety and health. We are extremely grateful for the response of Rachel Leahy, she did a tremendous job taking control of a really bad situation.”

With this knowledge, Army honored Leahy before their tie against Providence, and played for Huss today. These games have shown that it’s about a lot more than a box score. This band of leaders is fighting for Eric Huss, thankful Huss is ok, and cognizant that Leahy is also a superstar on their team, who played a big role in saving a life of Eric Huss.


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