A Pro Night: Niagara earns 4-3 win over RIT

Glebs Prohorenkovs took some time to get cleared to play for Niagara this year. Jason Lammers, their head coach, thought it was well worth the wait as last night showed. Niagara took an early lead over a strong RIT group but then the Tigers answered back to tie the game late at three. With about 30 seconds left Lucas Bahn fired a shot on net. It directed off a mass of humanity to find Glebs, right where Lammers wants him, in the slot behind the Purple Eagle screening Tommy Scarfone , and Glebs deposited the game winner which moves Niagara into the race for home ice in Atlantic Hockey. Lammers was really impressed with the crowd and their energy. He praised RIT for their work, but wanted to make sure his team got the credit they deserved.

He did praise program alums for coming to the game saying that his team got “ a lot of well wishes from past Purple Eagles .”

On the night besides the stretch where RIT tied things up Lammers said , “Defensively I thought we were pretty good outside of that 5-7 minute stretch.”

Lammers loves Glebs and his courage for coming to play college hockey. He said “Give him a ton of credit for the courage to come to the US, when I was his age hope I would have been as courageous as he is. Guys have taken him under their wing and really helped him.”

Ironically, Niagara was the best out of conference team for Atlantic Hockey this year, and had they gotten a few more points, they could have been where RIT was last night, competing for an at large bid. With that said Lammers is bullish on his team’s future this year saying that , “We actually think we are playing better than when we went on a little run at the start of the year.”

On Lucas Bahn, who fired the shot on net that Glebs deposited for the game winner Lammers said “we love Lucas, he’s a real solidifying force and he’s really good at letting other people be great.”

Lammers loves the energy his young group brings to the ice every day and is excited for the rest of the year for this group. He closed by saying “Just tell us when to play and where.”

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