Charlotte Rush Day Three Nationals Recap

Photo Credit-Charlotte Rush

Hear from Rush Coach Troy Schwab on the Rush’s effort at Nationals, and more on the win from the Premier group today. In addition get a sense of what to look forward to tomorrow for the Premier Group as they face the Toledo Cherokee .


Today was a very tough day for the Elite team. We got off to a slow start and couldn’t crawl our way back into the game. The Hitmen are a very good team. A team with many players with Premier experience and it showed today. 

The USPHL Scheduled both Rush Premier and Elite games today at the same time. Coach Kleckner and Conklin are both very good coaches and both able to lead a team. With that said it was very disappointing to go through so much this season with this group of great players and not be able to be with them during what eventually was the the last game of the season.

We take pride in our Elite and Premier team being one family. Always supporting each other and that is what you will see over the next 3 days. The elite team will be the biggest Rush fans and supporters.


I thought the premier team played a very good game 5 on 5 against the Aviators today. The Aviators are a team that had really good success in their division this season. They are a team that have high end skill and score a ton of goals. At even strength, we played well defensively. We took away their time and space and any chances they had, Nick Anderson was there to make the save. 

Cam Perez and Ari Rossi are two players that have gotten better as this tournament has gone on. Getting themselves more ice time and taking advantage of that ice time. 

Going into our game tomorrow against the Toledo Cherokee, the number one thing we need to improve is our Penalty Kill. We need to stay disciplined and not give teams opportunities. If we do take penalties, we need to be better. It starts with the structure that we need to put in place. We need to create a better game plan and help our players execute it better.

Excited for the opportunity to compete tomorrow and extend our season. I know our players will be excited and ready to go.”

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