Charlotte Rush-Semifinal recap and National Championship preview

Photo Credit: Charlotte Rush

Charlotte Rush Head Coach Troy Schwab had a lot to say about the team’s semifinal win over Richmond, the emergence on offense of defenseman Zach Gmerek in Nationals and more as the team preps for the National Championship today.

“Anytime you play Richmond, you’re going to have to play your best game to be successful and I felt we did that. We kept our composure, didn’t get mixed up in anything after the whistle, and just continued to play our game. Complete buy in with Playoff Attitude by all of our players.

Richmond is a team that always has good teams and plays hard. The fact that we were in this game and situation against them was not surprising at all.

Gmerek being able to get us started was huge. We are a team that has the ability for everyone in the lineup to contribute and you saw that again against Richmond. Rossi had an unbelievable shift that led to his goal and gave us the little bit of cushion we needed.

We are a team and staff that makes sure we are prepared for every game and every opponent we play. As a team we watched the overtime to see who our next opponent would be. Once we found out who our opponent would be, we started our preparation process. The best in the business Ray Sylvester has been helping me out from a video perspective all week long to make sure we are ready to go.

Our players are ready for today’s game. We have been preparing for this game all season long and are now in a position to do something not many people are able to do. We have had huge fan support all season long at the Pineville Ice House and it has continued here in Utica. Expecting our Elite team to be on their feet today and bringing the energy we need for us to be successful. “

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