UND Football: Coach Freund and The Jets- Izzy Adeoti

Coach Danny Freund is a fixture on regarding all things UND Football. From his playing days a superb quarterback(16-6 in two years as a starter, most accurate QB in UND Football history) for UND to his numerous roles coaching every position group on the offensive side of the ball except offensive line, Danny Freund has been there. Since Bubba Schweigert took over as UND Head Coach in 2014, Freund has been working with wide receivers.

Four years ago, during spring practice, Freund came up with a name for his position group. His wide receivers are referred to as “The Jets”. He and his position group came up with that name shortly into Bubba’s tenure as the group needed an identity. The group of players there and Freund went with that name because jets are ” fast… smooth, but they’re [also] really explosive.” That describes the type of player that Coach Freund looks for in his position group. As he noted, the players went with the nick name and it has stuck through to this season.

One Jet returning for his sophomore season is Izzy Adeoti. The Plano, Illinois native took a unique path to Grand Forks. The staff did not see him at any of their recruiting camps.Most UND recruits are seen by the staff at one of their camps held in the summers before a player has to commit to a school. Freund noted that the staff looked at Izzy’s numbers, especially numbers on his overall speed from other camps. Adeoti’s speed stats first drew UND’s attention to him. The staff stepped up their pursuit of him in October of Izzy’s senior year. Former UND recruiting coordinator and running backs coach Kevin Maurice, Offensive Coordinator Paul Rudolph, and Freund all were involved with recruiting Izzy.

Freund and the staff want Izzy to further utilize his speed to become a consistent deep threat this season. Watching some of Izzy’s high school film and select highlights from last season, along with seeing him in fall camp this year showcase his ability to do just that can be a potential positive harbinger of things to come this season. The staff has been impressed with Izzy’s first few fall practices as he continues and develop like every other football player at UND, day-by-day.

Izzy noted that the coaching staff drew him to UND. Once the Fighting Hawks stepped up their pursuit of Adeoti, they were the most persistent school regarding staying in touch with him and helping him see what the Fighting Hawks were doing on the field. , Adeoti noted how valuable the constant connections the staff made with him were “it really made me feel wanted instead of just like somebody else.”

Since coming to Grand Forks, the staff has instilled the value of constant development and hard work to Adeoti as they have with all Fighting Hawks.Learning the value of ” pure work” regarding football at a division one school is the biggest thing coach Freund and the rest of the staff have taught Izzy. He is a team-first player who enjoys time with his teammates both on and off the field. Spending time with the rest of the team, especially over this summer is one of the main things Adeoti enjoys doing when not on the field.

The Plano, Illinois native is looking to build to this season. He wants to be “that guy” this year. “That guy” is often defined as a reliable player who can contribute in different situations. Coach Freund noted Izzy’s potential to fly past defenses this year. August 30, at the Alerus Center, against the Mississippi Valley State Delta Devils will be Izzy’s first chance to take flight with The Jets against another team this season.



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