Army earns 4-1 win over Princeton: Now What?

Photo Credit:Mady Salvani-Army West Point Athletics

Today, Army West Point earned a non conference win. After being in all hut one of their non conference affairs they added some positive marks to their tournament resume. Their complete win over Princeton ,4-1. Is an early reminder of how good this team can be when they are all in sync. Here are three quick thoughts on the win and what it means.

Confidence And Point Booster

Army arguably deserved a point in their Wisconsin series for the play of Gavin Abric alone. Today , he stemmed the tide of Tigers and forced them to play a complete game. This strong play from Abric and the confidence he brings Brian Riley’s group as big part of why they are trending in the by

The board is open

Today is one of those big wins for the Black Knights. Yes they got two points, but they also had players like Eric Butte find the goals they needed to get back on the goal sheet, then hopefully more players could find more twine sooner rather than later. This renewed utilization of the whole comittee of offense is something like what Head Coach Brian Riley’s group needs to get going in order to win their conference and earn an NCAA tournament spot.

Now what?

This group gets until Friday November 12 to rest and get ready. Their next opponent is the Yale Bulldogs. The group has time to heal up a bit as it is missing some players that helped last year’s group to injury. In addition, the team gets time to get prepared for a grueling Atlantic Hockey schedule and look back on their early season. They have been in pretty much all but the first game of the season, and every on ice mistake the group has made in previous games that has been dealt with. has gotten them better. For this group to go far, they have to continue the defensive buy in every night while keeping good quality shots going on net.

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