Northeast Generals Player Profile:Alexander Krause

Photo Credit: Kelsey Lee-Violet Turtle Photography

For Alexander Krause, the Dartmouth Commit has one last chance to make his mark in Junior Hockey. The Northeast Generals made a trade a few weeks ago for him so his leadership and on ice presence could help them get back to the playoffs.

So far, Head Coach Bryan Erikson likes what he sees.

He said “ Alex has been exactly what we thought he would be when Matt Dibble traded for him. A very skilled forward that fits into the way we play and he has been awesome averaging a point per game. Off the ice Alex is an amazing kid. Very mature and a stabilizing factor in our locker room and on the ice. We look forward to having him and our full lineup back in action next week so we can make a big run towards the playoffs.”

At the time of the trade, General Manager Matt Dibble said “ Bryan and I have been discussing how we can make a push for the Robertson cup. We think we are super close but want to add a piece or two for the stretch run. We addressed the blue line with Orr and think we improve our forward group with Krause.

We gave up 3 tenders and a 2nd round pick, a lofty price. I think it may be the biggest asset price in a long time but we think he’s important enough to get us to the team we want to be. We also didn’t care the price if it meant getting a piece we needed.

Make no mistake about it, we believe that Alex will come in here and play a big role right away. We think he can produce immediately but also plays the right way with effort and defensive responsibility. There is a ton of value in bringing veteran players in so they can show our younger players the way.”

So far Krause has done just that.

Player profile questions and answers

Why did you decide to play hockey 

“My dad got me into it and I loved it.”

What is your favorite food and why? 

“Sushi it’s amazing”

What is your favorite thing about the Generals?

“Definitely the boys.”

Where are you from ? 

“Los Angeles California”

What is your favorite subject and why?

“Math because it’s my strongest subject.”

Tell us about the type of player you are 

“ I’m a power forward who facilitated offense and works hard all over the ice.”

Which NHL player past or present do you model your game after?

“I don’t know, I like to think I play like a lot of different guys but growing up I always loved Dustin Brown.”

What is your best hockey memory? 

“Playing infront of 10k people at the Quebec tournament.”

What are your goals on and off the ice this year? 

“I want to get bigger faster and stronger in the gym and I want to win the division.”

What is your favorite tv show or movie to watch? 

“Step Brothers.”

Tell us one unique thing about you off the ice

“I play guitar.”

What is your favorite place to go around the rink in Attleboro? 

“Definitely the gym it’s high end.”

What is your favorite video game or thing to do in your spare time?

“Play guitar”

Who do you look up to most in your life and why? 

“My father he is an unbelievable human!”

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