Columbia Infantry Week in Review: -A week of coming together

Photo Credit: Charlotte Rush

Head Coach Jacob Smulevitch is happy with the growth of his Infantry group. The Premier team got a win over the Junior Canes program while the Elite group is continuing to progress.

He said on the weekend and on the next steps for this group

“The week was okay. We made a lot of progress at the premier level but definitely received a reality check at the elite level. Winning that game against the canes at premier was great for us. That’s one of the most successful organizations in the league each year and seeing that we have the ability to knock off a top team goes a long way.”

On the sucess of Ryan Coots he said

“Ryan Coots got the honor of being named player of the month for premier and we couldn’t be more excited for him. He’s not only one of the youngest defenders in the league at the premier level but also one of the most exciting. We firmly believe he should be playing in the NAHL next season.”

On the futures ahead for each group

“I think both teams still have the ability to make a deep playoff run but it will obviously take a lot of work. Our main goal is to continue to put a culture in place that will bring success for years to come.”

On needed changes and the group’s ability to overcome adversity:

“The elite team needs to score more goals to have success while the premier team it’s the complete opposite, we need to keep more pucks out of our net as our offense has been good.I truly believe both of our teams are a family. After losing 11-1 our elite team was supporting each other instead of turning on each other and then were in the stands supporting our premier team to a huge win.”

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