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Troy Schwab provided some insight into the outdoor experience for CPH and players and coaches with a lot of quotes on the experience and some thoughts of his.

“Creating a partnership with the Charlotte Knights has given our players multiple opportunities to practice and or play games at Truist field. Having an experience of an outdoor rink is something that not many people in the south get to do. The views and the atmosphere make the experience something we hope that all CPH players will never forget.

Hear from some of the coaches and players on their experience playing on an ODR!

“It was cool to play outside. It felt colder and much louder. It was fun to skate in warmups with a beanie on my helmet like NHL players. I think our team loved wearing eye black and we had a ton of fun together. Scoring two goals outside on a baseball field is something I’ll always remember.” (Blake Cruthers 11UAAA Forward)

“It was a unique experience. I’m used to seeing outdoor games played up north, but being here in Charlotte was a great thing for us to be a part of. It was a blast seeing all the kids emulate their favorite NHL teams when they play outdoors; from the eyeblack to wearing toques- I had such a great time watching our players take in the opportunity and to be able to coach games like this.” (Jon de Castro 11UAAA Coach)

“It was a beautiful Monday night under the stars at Truist Field and the on-ice excitement did not disappoint. CPH battled hard and held the cross town rivals tied through the halfway point led by outstanding goalie performance by Jonah Hancock. It was truly an amazing outdoor experience for all players, coaches, and parents.” (Mike Lorusso 12UAA Coach)

“Walking into Truist Field to play our first outdoor game for our team and seeing the CPH logo on the scoreboard will be a feeling I will never forget. I am so proud and so honored to be a part of of this team and this program. That experience will be with me for a lifetime among many others for which this program has brought me. “ (Colin Main 12UAA Forward)

“It was great to be able to take a game outdoors. In an atmosphere like that with the stadium and the incredible Charlotte skyline, it made it even better. What an experience. For these kids, that’s something they will remember for the rest of their lives, they may never get to do that again. They loved every second of it, from warm ups off the ice in the outfield to taking it all in while on the ice. It was special. They enjoyed it immensely and is something they won’t ever forget.” (Trevor Jewell 14UAAA Coach)

“Growing up in Charlotte I never thought that I’d have an opportunity to play in an outdoor hockey game locally. Thanks to CPH, the city of Charlotte, and Truist field that dream became a reality. Truly grateful for the amazing experience!” (Greg Kasza 14UAAA Forward)

“The U16 AA’s we’re able to get an incredible experience skating for a practice on the outdoor Truist Field rink! Nothing quite like going back to the roots of hockey and being able to skate on an outdoor sheet of ice! The kids had fun with it as well with their interesting styles of eye black on and enjoyed a fun practice with a series of mini games, I was very pleased with the set up at the field and couldn’t have asked for a better experience!” (Bailey Conklin 16UAA Coach)

“I’m thrilled for our boys that we had an opportunity to skate outdoors at Truist Field. You could actually feel the excitement of our players to experience such a unique and cool venue. I know they thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the experience. For me personally, I’ve been very fortunate to have attended NHL All-Star games, Stanley Cup Finals, Olympic Games, and NCAA Frozen Fours, but i still got goose bumps stepping out on that ice. I’m sure it will be a highlight in the memories of this season for everyone involved.” (Bill Bredin 18UAA Coach)

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