Berry and Adler to the next level: Read more on the process

Photo Credit: Charlotte Rush

The Charlotte Rush are one of the better organizations not at moving players to the next level out of convenience, but out of fit for player and school. They make connections that last and have lasted for a long time with schools at all levels of college hockey. Hunter Berry and Shane Adler, two offensive dynamos are the Premier level on a team that was one game away from earning another National Championship, are prime examples of this. The Rush see the value of player placement at the top end of division three just as much as they do for players who head to tier two and and then to Division One, or take other paths. The process that Trevor Kleckner, a key member of the Rush Coaching Staff, talks about in how these men comitted to their college homes is worth the read, especially for those finding their own recruiting path.

“We are extremely happy to announce that Hunter Berry has committed to play college hockey at Suffolk University and that Shane Adler has committed to play college hockey at New England College.

Hunter received immediate attraction from the NCAA DIII level this season with his offensive performance. With being 2nd on the team in point production, we knew that there would be various options on the table for him at the collegiate level and to narrow it down to one was a very tough decision for him. In the end, he wanted to play college hockey at a school that offers a great hockey program and is located downtown in a major city like Boston. This is exactly what Suffolk provided for Hunter and we wish him the best of luck next year.

Shane was in a similar situation to Hunter where his offensive production generated multiple offers at the NCAA DIII level. He wanted to take his time with his decision while examining each and every opportunity that came his way. With being 4th on the team in total points we understood that this would also be a tough decision with all of the offers. In the end he knew he could make an immediate impact at New England College as a freshman which was most important to him. We wish Shane the best of luck next year at NEC.”

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