Rush Resignings: Read more from the staff on two big resignings for 23-24

Photo Credit: Charlotte Rush

Now that we are fully in the signing season for the Charlotte Rush, now is the time when we see the fruits of their consistent labor. Part of building a winning organization in junior hockey is of course the wins and losses and development of players as you go. The Rush have a lot of positive wins and players developed for college hockey over their years as a standout organization for the USPHL.

That development doesn’t happen without players to scout and work done year round by a staff often doing multiple things. To build a culture you need to have players coming back that are bought in because they can develop for you more, and because they will help bring the room together. These two leaders are expected to do both and get better next year as they look to get to the next level after playing USPHL hockey as they embark on another season trying to earn a college hockey spot.

Hear from Trevor Kleckner on the two players coming back.

Luke Vega

We are very excited to have Luke back for a 2nd season with the Rush after experiencing his first year of junior hockey here in Charlotte. Luke was a great surprise for us last season as he came in and initially did not understand how big of a kid he really was. Once he understood his size and knew how to use it to his advantage, he flourished. He started competing harder in the corners and got to the front of the net where he was ultimately rewarded on the scoresheet. He understands the development process that the Rush provides which led to his decision to return next season. We’re excited to see what doors at the higher levels can open for him next season as he continues to develop.

Jack Lamothe

We are also excited to announce the signing of Jack “Big Boy” Lamothe. Jack came to us with some undisciplined habits that were affecting his game negatively but did a great job of correcting them in order to become a more effective player. He, much like Luke, gained an understanding of how to use his body to get to the front of the net and create scoring opportunities. Entering his last year of eligibility, Jack decided to return here to Charlotte where we have currently sent 14 players to the NCAA from last year’s squad.”

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