Caden heads north: Caden Glamkowski Tendered by NCDC Northern Cyclones

If you want to know how an expansion team does in the USPHL, look at where it’s players go. For the Columbia Infantry this means seeing where it’s players are going for their next season of Junior Hockey. This team played fast all year and started to develop an offense first culture. That culture kept them in games late, even if the record did not end up how folks wanted it. 

This leads to Caden Glamkowski. Here from Jacob Smulevitch, Infantry Head Coach on what the Cyclones are getting. “Caden was a huge part of our offense last season and is very deserving of this opportunity.”

Now hear Bill Flannagan’s( Owner and NCDC Head Coach) response from the Cyclones to understand the NCDC recruiting and what he sees in Caden. Keep in mind that despite their record, Caden was a big part of one of the best offensive attacks in terms of getting points and goals per game. The Infantry knew how to score all year. He is heading to a tier two home that should help him improve defensively as well.

When did you guys first see him?

“Saw him play last year when he was with Chicago in the USPHL and continue to follow up this past season.”

What are you hoping to help him get better at?

“To make his game more complete and teach him how to be a college hockey player.”

What type of person is he off the ice ?

“Our interactions have been great, seems like a great person.”

How does he make your team better ?

“He has been able to produce each year he has been in the league and expecting he can do the same.”

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