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Photo Credit: Charlotte Rush

For the Charlotte Rush, their tandem in net for the Elite and Premier groups will go a long way to determining how this year goes. One key part of that tandem for the Premier group is goaltender Nick Anderson.

Head Coach Troy Schwab had this to say about Nick, “I feel Nick took great strides last year playing alongside Bubba and Pieter in the way he prepares and compete on an everyday basis. He had a very good season personally but the way the season ended left him motivated for me. Nick is a competitor who wants the next every night. Our expectation is for Nick to be one of the top goalies in the league.”

Anderson has been around hockey for most of his life. When he was younger his grandparents owned a hockey rink. Every other game he was a goalie and had more fun playing that. He likes dealing with the pressure. “I like the pressure of being the last line of defense.” He is meticulous in getting ready for each game. He has a three hour countdown like routine that he does not deviate from and one that helps get him ready to go.

As for his on ice style, Anderson noted that When he was younger he used to model the style of Jonathan Quick. Now he’s more like Igor Shesterkin. Nick is also a Rangers fan as well so he gets to watch the goalie he wants to model his game after on a regular basis.

As for why he came back to the Rush, the choice was easy and came to culture in part. As Nick said , “ I really like the culture of the team here. Ryan is a great coach and so is Troy. I want to win a national championship with everyone else.” He also loves the competitive nature of the league and the showcases in the USPHL. “ I think that’s ( the competition) is a good thing that keeps the standings really tight. The showcase is a great thing.”

Anderson likes to visualize things and plans his game out ahead of time. As he said, “ I like to visualize the game in my head before I head out.”

After he is done with hockey, Anderson wants to be an engineer or in business because as he said “ there’s a lot of jobs out there.”

Of his size, Anderson said that , Theres a lot of bonuses out there to being a small goalie.” he cited quickness “ I think small goalies can be kind of lethal if treated well.”

Nick ended talking about his relationship with national champion and Rush Alum, Bubba Battisti. When together he said that they’d “wave across the ice at each other. I like being on a ream where the goalies get along.” Whoever works with Nick as his tandem mate will work with a leader who is outspoken and committed to moving up the ladder of development, while helping to do what Bubba did, bring another championship to Charlotte.

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